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  • Security is an ever increasing concern:

  • Our rates for 2017:

  • Web Hosting and Managed Server Solutions 2015.

  • Web Hosting and Managed Server Solutions 2015 | Ad Finem Ltd 16 February2015 Web Hosting and Managed Server Solutions 2015 This document applies to Ad Finem hosting packages from 1st January 2013 What is this document? This document presents Ad Finem’s web hosting packages to help decide which solution is best for our clients. The array of packages that we ha…

  • Found! Profitable Slot for New Digital Agency!

  • Finally, easy and smart solutions for organised and secure computers, by @adfinemltd of course

  • Ad Finem widens online marketing campaigns to include social media management and delayed incentive marketing

  • Ad Finem introduces easy to understand plain text contracts for all new projects from 2013

  • Waiting for 2013.... January will see the launch of, our all new custom e-commerce system. Hold tight!

  • How do we deal critical business systems?

  • It seems that every data centre we walk into these days is managed by our system!

  • AFL launches document control portal for international FM company ISS, whos contracts include Heathrow Terminal 5:

  • Ad Finem begins work on an e-commerce and content management system for Wolferines 4x4 engineering in Germany

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