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Mixam Case Study

Mixam print books, leaflets, catalogues, everything. Six months ago Mixam launched a new website  and the result has been extraordinarily successful, with sales doubling since the system was launched without a single extra penny being spent on marketing! This has been a marvellous feat with a simple but often underestimated explanation that any business can achieve if they take the right advice.

Printing a book or leaflet is normally a complex and tiring task for customers, but Mixam’s new website turns that right around, making it a totally different kind of experience. Now customers are happy to place orders, and it makes the customer’s experience with Mixam a pleasurable one that they will want to repeat.

On the other end, the website has a back end system gives Mixam’s staff, managers and bosses an equally pleasurable experience. Imagine this, processing orders and running the business is no longer a task that staff procrastinate, that feeling that work is a chore, now it’s a stress free, easy to do, and enjoyable experience, and that makes a big difference because now staff WANT to do their job well, and that’s a result that customers will notice and reflects on the entire business as a whole.

It’s like working in a spacious, cool, relaxing office, but this time the office is the online space that Mixam’s customers and staff work in, but it’s equally cool and relaxing. And when staff are happy and the business is running well then everyone benefits all the way.

So how’s the system doing this?

The funny thing is that when you dissect it, the system isn’t actually doing anything remarkably new in itself, the tricks, the ideas and the technology that make up the website has system has been around for at least a few years. Mixam have just made them better, and realised the real importance of some of these great little ideas, and that by bringing them all together in a perfect little package brings a huge result at the end, a result that’s way bigger than the little ideas that make it up.

Dashboards, analytics, high usability, cloud systems, social media, order management… none of these things are a totally new invention, most people have heard of them, but what happens when you bring them all together so that they are all working together in a smart and neat way? If we judge the answer to that by what Mixam have done then we can say that the result is a huge increase in sales!

So what’s making the sales come in?

When customers choose which business website will get their business they are not just looking at the price. They are looking at who they trust, and which one inspires confidence, and a whole load of other things. There’s been lots of studies that have found that small differences can really change the way a customer feels. Mixam’s website does just this, by making everything right it gives the customer all the positive feelings they need to guarantee that the business goes to Mixam.

The benefits?

Because the website and system is making more of the website visitors give Mixam their business, Mixam hasn’t spent an extra penny money on marketing. And because customers have such a good, fast, and competitive experience, they come back for more and business repeats.

But that’s not where the benefits end. With the slick back end system there are less staff errors and mistakes made in running the business, and the business needs fewer staff and labour, in fact Mixam are reporting that each order now takes minutes instead of hours. Less staff training, more accurate information, everything better organised, the list of benefits goes on…

Figure 1 – Analytics data is totally custom giving the business exactly what they need, and is a lot more accurate and specific than regular analytics.


Customer management
Figure 2 – Customer management front view. A photograph of each customer is pulled in from LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media. It makes communications between customers and staff more personal because they can see who they are talking to.

Figure 3 – Fulfillment function automatically identifies which printing machine is most suitable for the job and automatically sends the job to the right machine and department. Full automation.

Online bleed adjustment
Figure 4 – Website allows customers and staff to quickly correct errors in their printing.

Order Artwork Details
Figure 5 – Staff and customers can view their material online and organise and correct it using simple drag and drop gestures.

Order Communication
Figure 6 – Easy communication with customers keeps a record as well. Good communication, good business.

Order list
Figure 7 – List of orders updates in real time, staff can easily see the state of each order, makes order management a breeze.

Order process
Figure 8 – Orders go through a step by step process from start to end, every step is automatically managed by the system.

Order Timeline
Figure 9 – Timeline lets staff see a complete history of each order.

Preflight warnings
Figure 10 – System automatically identifies problems and helps correct them. Very confidence inspiring for customers.

Figure 11 – Real time view shows who’s on the website, who they are and what they are doing.

Figure 12 – Tool tips help customers and staff all the way through.

View past order
Figure 13 – Online price calculator lets customs get an instant price. Staff can also click to view and order and see how the price calculator priced up the product.

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