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Our Rates for 2017

We’ve been operating on the same rates since we incorporated in 2004! We’ve just got better and faster at what we do so there hadn’t been an essential need for changing our hourly rate. However since last year we have worked with some bigger and more demanding customers who have required a higher level of aftercare. Therefore, for 2017 we are increasing our standard rate to accommodate the increasing needs of our clients.

Major changes to our rates:

  • Our standard rate for programming increases from £48/hr to £65/hr
  • Our rate for requirements engineering, for a senior engineer, remains at £48/hr, however we have a new category, Master Requirements Engineering, for requirements engineers with over 10 years experience, which will be charged at £85/hr.
  • A new category is created for Project Management. This is to accommodate an increasing number of clients that have asked us to manage special projects or sub projects that relate to our main line of work.
  • Copy writing & Photography services withdrawn, except by special request.
  • Consultancy is charged at £85/hr.
  • Marketing services have been withdrawn since 2015 due to changes in the market.
Programming (senior programmer) £65/hr
Requirements engineering (senior engineer, 5+ yrs experience) £48/hr
Requirements engineering (master engineer, 10+ yrs experience) £85/hr
UX Engineer (master engineer, 10+ yrs experience) £85/hr
Project management (senior manager) £48/hr
Project management (master manager) £85/hr

Rates are negotiate on larger or low risk projects only.
10% discount charitable organisations.

All prices exclude VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate (currently 20%).

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