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Responsive Website Design

RWD (responsive website design) is a rapidly increasing type of website design that caters for the growing popularity of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. A responsive website will automatically adjust itself to whichever device your reader is using to make the website usable on all popular devices.

How important is it?

Ad Finem’s experiences as well as studies show that more people now browse the internet on their tablets than any other devices, with tablet web traffic recently surpassing smartphone web traffic ( and 75% of customers preferring a mobile friendly site, according to a 2012 Google study. Smartphone usage is growing at a steady pace, as people don’t simply use their phones for calls anymore. In fact, 75% of emails are opened, 60% of Facebook posts and 90% of tweets are performed on a smartphone (Bill Boorman, ATC 2012), all of which often link to websites.

It is no longer enough to build a simplified website for use on mobile devices – users now want the full experience on their tablet or smartphone.

A responsive website will also cater for anyone using a large monitor.

When is RWD not suitable?

Although mobile devices and different screen sizes are becoming the norm, there are two areas where you might not want to invest in a responsive website design.

  • Low budget websites – A response website takes three time more labour to design and create, making them more expensive and may be unaffordable by smaller businesses.
  • There are some demographics that don’t use tablets or prefer a traditional feel website. They do exist and we’ve seen them! We have a small number of clients for whom we know that a responsive website just won’t bring them any benefits.

Is Responsive Website Design just a trend?

We understand that a lot of trends are soon forgotten, often unfounded or are based on what people “think they need”. We carefully asses each trend and advise our customers on what’s best. If it’s just a passing trend, we will advise our customers to save their time and money.

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