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Security is an ever increasing concern

Security has always been a concern for us, but in recent years it’s taking a life of its own. Now with new EU data security regulations taking effect in 2018 (regardless of our EU membership status), with some of our clients were are seeing entire IT divisions and workflows gearing entirely towards security. The concern is real. We are seeing untold amounts of business and personal data being cloud hosted and we are seeing and alarming number of security holes.

Recent technology and marketplace developments have been a mix of good and bad news for security. New software frameworks have security built in as standard, whereas before it had to be specifically designed in. SSL security is now a norm. Services like Letsencrypt are meaning that even the smallest of businesses can be secure. But there’s another side, a big growth¬†low cost “pseudo” managed servers are tempting customers with potential security disasters.

Some clients have already approached us to ensure they are up to standards, others have not. If you have concerns, please contact us.


Posted by philip.antoniou
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