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The Flightdeck, Social Media Monitoring Tool

The Flightdeck screenshotThe Flightdeck is a Social Media Monitoring tool that was developed by Ad Finem for Havas owned agencies Cake and EHS 4D Group. It is a portal that allows Havas clients to monitor their brand within the social media sphere. The Flightdeck is unique in that it has been designed specifically for Hava’s clients, who’s requirements differ from the needs of other social media monitoring applications. The Flightdeck can be said to be an “inside tool for brand managers”. Havas have identified that generic social media monitoring tools do not provide managers with the complete information that they require, and that they do not package it in the correct format. The Flightdeck takes the conventionally available material, supplements it with additional data, creates key metrics, and packages the information in a format that is ideal for Havas clients. No other social media monitoring tool utilises such an “insider” design.

Ad Finem’s role

Ad Finem continue to be the sole code developers of The Flightdeck. Additionally our managers have integrated with Cake and EHS to form the design team which carries out research and new ideas to develop the system.


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